Safe and Effective Care Environment NCLEX-PN Practice Questions

Safe and Effective Care Environment NCLEX-PN Questions

The surroundings play a significant role in the recovery of an individual from a problem, and that is why the Safe and Effective Care Environment holds major importance in the field of Practical Nursing. From providing useful information and coordinated care, this category of NCLEX-PN also covers assigning client assignments to the LPNs as per requirement along with advocating for their rights and promoting self-advocacy as well.

Basically, one has to manage a team of assistive nurses to complete the tasks at hand, while fulfilling the legal responsibilities for the clients in an ethical manner and maintaining confidentiality for them.

Topics included in NCLEX-PN Safe and Effective Care Environment category are:

  • Coordinated Care
  • Client Rights
  • Client Care Assignments
  • Advance Directives
  • Advocacy
  • Concepts of Management and Supervision
  • Collaboration with Interdisciplinary Team
  • Information Security/Confidentiality
  • Ethical Practice
  • Continuity of Care
  • Establishing Priorities
  • Information Technology
  • Informed Consent
  • Quality/Performance Improvement
  • Referral Process
  • Legal Responsibilities
  • Resource Management

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Safe and Effective Care Environment NCLEX-PN SET 1

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