Free Physiological Integrity NCLEX-PN Practice Questions

Free Physiological Integrity NCLEX-PN Practice Questions

When a Licensed Practical Nurse performs the day to day tasks for enhancing the comfort and care of clients, it comes under the Physiological Integrity topic of NCLEX-PN. The category covers the things that the customers need to overcome their physical issues like consuming food via eternal tubes, walking using a walker, sleep pattern issues, required medication, exercises to keep the body and mind relaxed, and much more.

An efficient Practical Nurse should be able to understand the non-verbal signs of problems caused to the customers and provide apt treatment without causing any delay. These nurses fulfill every day to day task that needs assistance due to health issues or other problems along with the functions like maintaining a supportive environment of the clients.

Topics included in NCLEX-PN Physiological Integrity category are:

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