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What does NCLEX Stand for?

National Council Licensure Examination, commonly known as NCLEX, is an examination held in the United States for more than a couple of decades for checking necessary knowledge and skills, and licensing of nurses assessing entry-level nursing knowledge and skills of candidates for Licensure and Registration as Registered Nurses (RN) and Licensed Practical Nurses (LPN) in the United States for more than a couple of decades. Recently, in 2015, it has been introduced in Canada as well. Held for both Registered Nurses (RN) and Practical Nurses (PN), the nursing exam takes place every year for the candidates graduating from various nursing schools all over the country.

Successfully passing the exams and obtaining RN or LPN License allow nurses the nursing individuals to start nursing practice, practicing in their field of work, in the state from where they have got obtained their Licensure. The NCLEX exams are held under the banner of the NCSBN or National Council of State Boards of Nursing. The exam is carried out in a Computerized Adaptive Testing Format (CAT).

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Each LPN practice test contains the same number and type of NCLEX style questions as the main exam in order to help you get familiar with the pattern and analyze your performance better.

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These free NCLEX practice questions for LPN give you an insight on how LPN entrance exam is like. Attempting a large number of exam-like questions certainly boosts the confidence of an individual.

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Not only questions, but we also provide a complete explanation of the answers so that the individuals do not repeat the same mistake. Our free NCLEX practice exams are sure to help clear the nursing exam.

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The NCLEX-PN practice questions available on our platform are similar to the ones that are given in the main NCLEX exams of different states across the country. Moreover, these practice tests contain all the questions based on the latest course material, just like the written examination you will appear for, which allows you to enhance your preparations. We ensure that the questions you attempt here will be similar or identical to the ones in the main NCLEX-PN examination.

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Prepare for some specific topics from your NCLEX-PN course and then opt for the practice tests based on those topics on our exam simulator. This will not only help you know about your preparations but will also provide answers to the questions with an in-depth explanation. Practice exams offer a real-time experience to the candidates, which can help them gain confidence and shed additional exam pressure. The NCLEX-PN tests are also divided into different categories for your ease.

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Health Promotion and Maintenance

Physiological Integrity

Safe and Effective Care Environment

Psychosocial Integrity Quiz

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