Medical Assistant vs. CNA: Which is the Better Career Choice

Healthcare as a field is extremely promising, especially with the ever-increasing need for experienced care providers. As the demand for healthcare and allied healthcare professionals is increasing, you might want to be a part of the revolution that’s overtaken the country. For individuals who do not want to spend a handful of their years in […]

5 Crucial Updates for the NCLEX 2021 Exam You Must Not Miss

If you have made your mind to choose nursing as your career, it’s critical to stay updated with any of the latest changes in this field. The NCLEX Examination Committee reviews and approves the test plan for NCLEX-PN and NCLEX-RN exams every three years.  The Committee ensures that the test plan is in compliance with […]

Top 9 NCLEX Help Books that Will Help You Excel Med Surg

Medical-surgical nursing or med surg nursing is one of the streams of nursing that deals with specialty care of patients who are severely ill with various medical disorders or are recovering from any surgery. Med surg nursing is the best fit for those who are seeking endless opportunities in their nursing career. Achieving success in […]

5 Genius Tips to Pass your NCLEX Exam in First Try

Attending a nursing school to become a nurse isn’t everyone’s cup of tea; a lot of dedication is required to become one. Nursing students go through a lot in nursing schools, and as a result, they come out bright and shining. After graduating, there is just one little, though not easy, step every nursing graduate […]

3 Step Guide to Dissect NCLEX Questions Cleverly

Being a nursing student, you must have already heard that cracking NCLEX is tough. If you have adequately prepared and know what you’re doing during the exam, then passing the NCLEX exam should be a breeze. The matter of fact is that during those two and a half hours, you will be sitting in a […]

5 Best Kept Secrets to Master Pharmacology Questions for NCLEX-PN Exam

NCLEX exams are scary enough to give you nightmares, and it has been the cause of many students’ anxiety and sleepless nights. One of the most hellish experiences that students have to go through is learning Pharmacology while preparing to take their NCLEX exams as preparing for Pharmacology is tough. You have to remember many […]

NCLEX-PN Review Course Material

It takes detailed study and hard work on the part of the aspirant to become a Licensed Practical Nurse. The LPN program completes in 12-18 months. The curriculum of the program may vary in different nursing schools; however, the primary content of the NCLEX-prep course remains the same. In this article, you will get an […]

How to Register for the NCLEX-PN Exam: Application Process, Requirements, and Tips

In order to attain a working license as a Practical Nurse, all aspiring candidates need to pass the National Council Licensure Examination for Practical Nurses (NCLEX-PN). The exam is conducted and regulated by NCSBN (The National Council of State Boards of Nursing) and the respective Nursing Boards of all the states. But, before you gear […]

Lab Values for NCLEX PN

Appearing for an NCLEX-PN exam can be a daunting task, and as the dreaded date of examination comes close, the anxiety of the aspirants rises. Cracking NCLEX-PN exam might seem like a big task, but it is far from being impossible. With the help of cram sheets, NCLEX-PN lab value practice questions, and dedicated studying, […]

How to Study for Passing the NCLEX-PN Exam?

How Hard is the NCLEX Exam? Becoming a Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN) is not an easy nut to crack; you need to study a lot to pass the NCLEX-PN (National Council Licensure Examination – Practical Nursing). After proving your proficiency in clinical settings and classroom during the LPN training, you are supposed to qualify the […]